How to see our success through powerful thank-you letters

How you create an impact on others – and yourself

It's an incredible moment when you realize your impact on another person. Being able to help someone else gives you a rewarding feeling which makes you a happier person, and there is science to back up that claim.  This Guardian article notes how several studies show that spending money on others or giving to charity puts a bigger smile on your face than buying things for yourself, regardless of level of income or the amount spent.

One of the ways that Holiday Helpers Canada reinforces that feeling of happiness, long after the donation is already complete, is by showcasing the wonderful letters that we receive from families in our program. We ask families who have been sponsored to write a letter to their donor to describe their experience upon receiving such a generous package. It's not something that we enforce or push for, as we are sensitive to certain barriers that limit the ability to pass a letter along. However, at least 70% of families each year let us in on their experience and really move us through their overwhelming gratitude.

The proof is in the pudding – or rather, the letters

We’re not surprised if you’re thinking, “why do these families bother to write to us?” Once you read a letter or two, you’ll notice a recurring theme: the package that Holiday Helpers Canada provides is one of relief and beyond one’s expectations. The family letters prove that charitable work truly inspires the receiver in so many ways that end up inspiring their donor to help our program year after year. Our charity has a loyal group of donors who constantly come back to help families-in-need and bring in more people each year, even from the traditional word-of-mouth testimonials (visit our Facebook page to see donors share their experiences!).

Look at these two truly moving family thank-you letters that we’ve received so far from our 2016 Christmas campaign:

 Letter 1


Our donors receive the family's thank you letter that they sponsored directly - we work on sending this over from January until March. This makes our donors super happy which celebrates our charity's success! Send us an e-mail with any questions on how to help or for more information, we'd love to chat!