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Spectacular Christmas ever! My words may not be enough to express how THANKFUL, GRATEFUL and HAPPY our family last Christmas 2015. I may not have enough vocabulary to use to express how blessed we have been but THANK YOU VERY MUCH from the bottom of our hearts. Me and my husband are like kids too when we open our gifts, everything is beyond expectation. It is our first time to received gifts for a very long time. With this abundant gifts. We never give a gift to each other since we got married because we rather buy food, diaper for the kids. We can feel that every gifts have been put together with so much love and thoughtfulness.. I cannot help but hold my tears and make deep breath… but what can I do to hold.. tears of joy are flowing… try to hide it from my daughter as she was so busy opening her presents too.. eyes  wide open and lots of screaming every time she open all the boxes… I can feel so much excitement…she is sooo happy. Its like a dream come true…as we are like a lottery winners!! THANK YOU AGAIN HOLIDAY HELPERS. We really felt that we are home. Canada is a home away from home without all our family…we did not felt left alone.

To all the staff, volunteers, donors of HOLIDAY HELPER THANK YOU SO MUCH.  You are all a hero of this generation, long hours of extra work, wrapping, organizing, and to the donors  who spent time to the long line up for every purchases of gifts, choosing the best gift suited for every recipients.  I may not have all the sweet words but from the bottom of our hearts.. unending gratefulness to you all. You have touched out lives in a very special way. That in some way or another we feel that we will also be a blessing to others.. and in the future be a part of your magnificent and amazing organization. TO OUR DEAR DONORS WHO GAVE US EXTRAVAGANT TIME IN GREAT WOLF LODGE!! YOU ARE ALL FANTASTIC PEOPLE!!! MORE POWER!!!! GOD BLESS YOUR HEART AND FAMILY!!! MAY GOD GRANT ALL YOUR HEART DESIRES IN ALL THE DAYS OF YOUR LIVES..MORE BLESSING, GOOD HEALTH AND SO MUCH HAPPINESS IN EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE. WE LOVE YOU ALL

From 3671 FAMILY

Family Letter
Family Letter


To our Sponsor and the sponsors team,

First we want to Thank God for putting you and us on this earth, We thank him for your families, and for your friends, we pray for you and your family in all areas, may your homes always be filled with Gods peace and love. May God answer all your requests. May God continue to open good doors for you, and also May God continue to make you purposeful here on earth. The gifts were beautiful and carefully selected by you, in a nutshell the gifts brought peace, hope, smiles, tears, joy, squeals, happiness, AND friends to us. We indeed had a joyous Christmas. God is Truly Great ! It was the best Christmas EVER! WE HAVE NEVER OPENED SO MANY GIFTS! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you a hundred times. Thumbs up and a high five from us to you. We will definitely pass on the love. To the volunteers, Your work and time shall not go in vain, it will come back to you in a special way. We are grateful for phone calls, emails, wrapping and packing. We appreciate all your efforts and for being very organized. God Bless you all. We had a great Christmas season. May you all have a fantastic sweet 2016.

From Folu, Tinuke, Mfalme and mom(Mary-T)


Family Letter
Family Letter


Fri 08/01/2016 11:22 AM

First let me start by wishing you a Happy New Year filled with prosperity, lots of love and abundance of joy! I can not express how grateful I am to have been able to enjoy the holiday with my family being able to see the joy on their faces! but most of all being reassured in a time of doubt that their are still people in the world like you that exist having such kind and generous hearts. Attitude goes such a long way and surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.

The Children loved their gifts, they were so happy to see all that was for them under the tree, going from nothing to a whole lot of something! Being able to have a nice meal and decorating was a joy for them giving us much moments to cherish. The spirit of Christmas was definetly around to uplift our spirits this year thanks to our generous Holiday Donor and The Holiday Helpers program in general with having such a great cause.

Just a week before Christmas my mother had told me that a fellow co-worker of hers, husband had committed suicide because he injured himself a while back being forced to take time off of work and he constantly worried about not being able to provide a Merry Christmas for his children and wife and having to watch his wife struggle everyday working overtime just to be able to do so was killing him inside. 

I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for letting love into your hearts and having such great will to share with others in need and  giving people like myself hope in these times when we may feel like giving up or simply just insecure and feeling stuck in a hard place. Not a lot of people today realize that simple acts of kindness like these can do a lot to heal people mentally and even save lives.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas as much as we did and your New Year so far! We wish you nothing but Gods sweet grace.

Thank You genuinely!

Nicolette, Jahlani & Nyah xoxo